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About Us

About Us

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About AardvarkClothing.com

AardvarkClothing: workwear clothing label Welcome to AardvarkClothing.com, the first workwear clothing label developed by women for women. Today, more women than ever before are choosing to work in the trades and there has also been a huge increase in women doing (and enjoying) their own DIY. We noticed that the workwear marketplace sadly lacked any tough, practical and stylish clothing specially designed for women.

AardvarkClothing.com was created to resolve this problem. With our first collection, we aim to serve the clothing needs of women in the workplace and at home.

Why Aardvark?

Aardvark/ 'ahdvahk/ noun a large burrowing nocturnal African mammal that has an extendable tongue, large ears, a heavy tail and feeds on ants and termites and has a penchant for music; Orycteropus afer. [Obsolete Afrikaans aardvark, from aard earth + vark pig]

The aardvark, with its striking looks and unusual assets, is unafraid to be what it is - a handsome animal. AardvarkClothing.com aims to allow you to express yourself in the workplace and be you.

Who are we?

AardvarkClothing.com is a small team of creative people that are dedicated to developing a product range for women in the trades as well as enthusiastic DIY'ers.

We pride ourselves in sourcing manufacturers who are keen to change the way women's workwear is made. Our aim, at AardvarkClothing.com, is to provide comfortable, expressive and hardwearing workwear for women.

The Future

AardvarkClothing.com aims to extend its' range of products for women in the workplace to include workwear for other industries, safety boots that fit, women friendly tools and accessories.

New Ideas

We are also interested to know what you think of the availability of products for women in the workplace. If you have any suggestions please let us know. We are open to all ideas that may help you in the workplace or at home. Click here to contact us

Mission Statement

"AardvarkClothing.com seeks to become the world's most reliable online workwear supplier for women, where our customers can discover all kinds of solutions at the most competitive prices with the highest possible level of quality in both our products and our service."

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