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Expressive Workwear for Women

Ever Wished For Colourful And Affordable Workwear?

Well, Women's Workwear has never looked better!

AardvarkClothing.com supplies colourful and comfortable workwear specially designed to fit the female body.

Our new collection of Overalls / Boilersuits and Bib & Braces / Dungarees are available in a unique range of colours.


Overalls / Boilersuits


Bib & Braces / Dungarees
women's workwear: overalls / boilersuits

  • Sizing to fit the female body
  • Elasticated back to give shape
  • Bright and bold colours
  • Tough, durable and stylish
  • No flys (who needs them anyway)
women's workwear: bib & braces / dungarees

Workwear designed by women for women.

Roll over James Brown, it's not a man's world anymore!

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